About Village Park ReImagined

Village Park ReImagined is on a mission to enhance the quality of life for Thiensville residents and visitors alike. Thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters, we're making a positive impact by funding projects that not only elevate our cherisVillage Park_Logo_Color civic plushed park but also significantly improve the well-being of our community.

Our focus is on creating vibrant gathering spaces, revitalizing Village Park, and enhancing community events. From the comfort station and playground to the pedestrian entrance, boat launch, River stage, and the music enrichment area, our ongoing and future projects are designed to ensure that the park remains a source of joy and connection throughout the year.

Most importantly, we're dedicated to providing a safe and enriching park where children and adults can create cherished memories. Village Park ReImagined is all about elevating the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Village Park ReImagined Committee

Heather Mader, Co-ChairTarrah Beyer, Co-Chair
Andy LaFond, StaffColleen Landisch-Hansen, Staff
Kristina EckertMallory Kelley
Barkha Limbu DailyAndy Ticcioni
Jim CounsellorLaura Davis
Lauren Bradley
Vytene Urbonaite

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