Pickleball and Tennis Court Fundraising Campaign

Pickleball has taken the United States by storm, emerging as the fastest-growing recreational activity in the nation. It's a sport that transcends age, offering exhilarating gameplay and a strong sense of community. While tennis has long held a cherished place in our hearts, Pickleball's irresistible blend of physical benefits and social connections has drawn many players away from the courts and onto the Pickleball courts.

People Playing Pickleball

Thiensville Village Park’s current tennis courts, once the pride of the village, have succumbed to the wear and tear of time, crying out for a total replacement. But this isn't just any replacement; it's a visionary project that answers the resounding call of Pickleball.

The Village of Thiensville has forged a strong partnership with theThiensville Mequon Pickleball Association (TMPA), ensuring that this project will thrive for years to come. Collaborations on maintenance and a host of exciting programs will guarantee a vibrant sporting future for Thiensville.

This visionary project is part of the recently adopted Park and Open Space Plan and has received overwhelming support in public meetings.


The Village of Thiensville recently received the news of a significant grant – the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant – which will cover 50% of the anticipated $416,000 project costs. The Village of Thiensville has also pledged $125,000 of its own funds, leaving $83,000 to be raised. Together with MTCF, Thiensville Village hopes to secure private donations for the project.

But here's where you come in. The fundraising campaign offers a multitude of support levels, including court naming rights. Every donation, big or small, will be appreciated and acknowledged. Your contribution will help create a lasting legacy of sporting excellence in Thiensville.

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