Town Center Goal & Objectives

The main goal of the concept design plans is to strengthen the Town Center as the heart of the two communities. The Town Center can be strengthened by building upon the attributes of the existing area to create a unique character that has safe walkable streets, human-scale architecture, public spaces and common design features to establish a sense of place for the Town Center. A strong sense of place makes the Town Center an attractive location for shopping, working, visiting and living, thereby, increasing the likelihood for an economically viable commercial business district. The following is a list of objectives to achieve this goal.


  • Create the Town Center as one place, with distinct design districts that take advantage of the unique characters within the area.
  • Preserve and complement the historic village character.
  • Improve the mix of uses within the Town Center.
  • Provide visual and physical access to the Milwaukee River.
  • Design for "walkable" streets, while maintaining functionality for all traffic types.
  • Promote interconnectivity within the Town Center.
  • Coordinate public streetscape improvements with private improvements.
  • Create gateway features at the entranceways into the Town Center.
  • Improve the aesthetics and recreational aspects of the Mequon Civic Campus.
  • Encourage private property owners to make improvements that meet a high standard of design and maintenance.
  • Make streetscape improvements to enhance the aesthetic character of the area.