Infiltration & Inflow Program

Private Property Inflow & Infiltration Program

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, which provides sanitary sewer treatment to all of Thiensville, is conducting a Private Property Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) Reduction Program. As part of this program, the Village is reimbursed funds for the inspection and repair of private sanitary sewer laterals (the section of pipe that carries wastewater from the home to the Village sewer main).

The reason for the program is to reduce I/I, which is water other than sewage (most often rain water) entering the sanitary sewer system. The sanitary sewer system was designed to handle all waste from your bathrooms, kitchens, showers, etc. As such, the addition of rain water inundating the system during heavy rain events can cause the pipes to surcharge, potentially leading to basement backups.

The Village will perform dye water testing in the area, with results showing that rain water entered the sanitary system through defective pipes. To help repair these pipes and reduce the likelihood of possible backups, the Village is participating in MMSD's program.

In 2013, a particular area of known I&I problems will be selected to participate in the program. Homeowners of the area were sent an informational packet.