In today's fast-paced world with increasing needs and expectations, the department continues its tradition of meeting the fire safety and EMS needs of the community. Through the support of citizens, officials, philanthropic organizations, and the corporation, TFD has vast array of state of the art equipment.

Ambulances 551 & 552 - 2005 GMC C4500 Med Tec
Fully-equipped for BLS, ALS, and Paramedic service.

Rescue Engine 563- 1999 Pierce Lancer

  • 2,000 gallon per minute pump
  • 500 gallon water tank
  • Class A foam tank
  • Powerful light mast
  • Hydraulic tools and power unit for vehicle extrication
  • MSA 4-Gas detector
  • Sensit natural gas detector

  • Equipped for 6 firefighters

  • Advanced Life Support

Quint 561- 2007 Pierce 105 Foot Pre-Piped Aerial Ladder
  • 1,250 gallon per minute monitor
  • 2,000 gallon per minute pump
  • 500 gallon internal water tank
  • Class A foam tank
  • Compressed air foam system pump
  • 15,000 watt hydraulic generator
  • ISG thermal imaging cameras
  • MSA 4-gas detector
  • Equipped for eight firefighters and basic life support EMS supplies
  • Advanced Life Support
Quint 561

Pumper / Tanker 562 - 1997 Pierce Quantum Pumper/Tanker
  • 2,000 gallon per minute pump
  • 2,500 gallon internal water tank
  • 40 gallons of Class A foam
  • Equipped for seven firefighters and basic life support EMS supplies
  • Advanced Life Support
Pumper Tanker

Inspection/Training 556 - 

Secondary Paramedic Intercept Vehicle, Fire Inspection, Education. Advanced Life Support


Command Vehicle 554 - 2015 Ford Expedition

Equipped with state-of-the-art incident command cabinetry complete with radio systems that allows communication with different mutual aid radios. 554 also has basic life support supplies for EMS calls.

Intercept Vehicle 555 - 
Equipped with state-of-the art Paramedic and RN level supplies. Used for paramedic intercepts and back-up Command vehicle.
555 2019
Kubota 550 - RV9000 All-Terrain Vehicle
4x4 custom-designed vehicle for delivery of EMS and rescue services in all environments and for large crowd events when ambulance access is difficult or prohibited. Full-equipped with BLS, ALS, and Paramedic.
1935 Seagrave Pumper
This newly restored pumper is used for public relations activities and ceremonial duties. The Seagrave is on public display at the TFD Fire Museum.