The Village engineer is responsible for the following:
  • Storm water management
  • Flood plain modeling
  • Sanitary sewer system planning
  • Infiltration / inflow studies
  • Sewer rehabilitation
  • Project design and management
  • General municipal engineering

About the Village Engineer

Jerad Wegner has been a Project Manager with Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. for over 10 years and has been involved in a wide variety of projects such as street and highway design, intersection analysis, transportation facilities, storm sewer design, storm water management plan and review, and sanitary sewer design. Jerad belongs to several professional affiliations, some include; the American Public Works Association, the Collection System Committee for Wastewater Operators Association, and Waukesha County Public Works Association. Away from work, Jerad enjoys his time with his beautiful wife and two daughters