Permit Forms & Requirements

Plan Commission Application

 (Sheds, Additions, Alterations, Garages, New Construction, Commercial Structures, Signs, Parking Lots, Commercial Lighting) 
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Small Projects Application

 (Fences, Decks, Swing sets, Hot Tubs, Egress Windows, Parking Pads)
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Uniform Permit Application

Village Ordinance Requires "Any electrical service change or new installation after October 10, 1986, shall be installed with underground service"
The State of Wisconsin utilizes one, all-encompassing permit application:

Permit Requirements

Access permit requirements for the following projects:

Certificate of Appropriateness

Any project requiring a building or sign permit within the Thiensville Historic District requires an additional Certificate of Appropriateness and review by the Historic Preservation Commission.

Development Application

A Development Application is required to be submitted along with any applications related to zoning.

Street Opening Permit Application

All excavation within the Village Right of Way requires a Street Opening Permit. All concrete repairs must follow Village Concrete Repair Specifications. There is a 5 year moratorium on any excavation of road surfaces 5 years old or newer unless the work is for an emergency repair of utilities.